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“A Short Note On Sankata Dasha” – an article written by Vishal Aksh

(1) Sankata Dasha is the longest Dasha of 8 years under Yogini Dasha System

(2) As per Vedic Jyotish Rahu appeared from this Sankata Yogini. Thus in entire 8 years of this Yogini the effect of Rahu predominates but Ketu is the separated portion of Rahu so after 4 years of Sankata Ketu also starts giving its effect up to its remaining part. In other words Sankata gives the entire Nodal Effect.

(3) Yogini Dasha comes under Nakshatra Dasha so without the consideration of Nakshatra its effect should not be predicted.

(4) As per classical Vedic Jyotish this Sankata follows the native even he goes to some other Loka or even after his death.

(5) As per my researches and understandings of Vedic Jyotish I can say the Transitory Effect of Saturn (7.5 Years) and the Yogini Mahadasha of Sankata (Rahu) almost give the similar malefic results on natural basis. This proves Shanivat Rahu.

(6) There will be auspicious results in Sankata too. An astrologer having years of dedicated experiences in the field of Vedic Jyotish can predict it.

(7) If 1. Mrigshira, 2. Hasta, or 3. Uttrashada Nakshatra are occupied by Gulika, Maandi or Mritu, the adverse results giving Planets or death inflicting Planets then the progress of Sankata Yogini Mahadasha makes a hell for that native on this earth.

(8) Person running under the ill effect of Sankata Yogini should recite following: “Sankata Strotra” daily for 8 times daily:

ओं संकटायै नमः

आनन्दकानने देवी संकटा नाम विश्रुता।
वीरेश्वरोत्तरे भागे पूर्वं चन्द्रेश्वरस्य च॥

श्रृणु नामाष्टकं तस्याः सर्वसिद्धिप्रदं नृणाम्।
संकटा प्रथमं नाम द्वितीयं विजया तथा॥

तृतीयं कामदा प्रोक्तं चतुर्थं दुःखहारिणी।
शर्वाणी पंचमं नाम षष्ठं कात्यायनी तथा॥

सप्तमं भीमनयना सर्वरोगहराष्टमं।
नामाष्टकमिदं पुण्यं त्रिसन्ध्यं श्रद्धयान्वितः॥

यः पठेत् पाठयेद्वापि नरो मुच्येत संकटात्।
एतत् स्तोत्रस्य पठनं पुत्रपोत्राधिवर्धनम्॥

संकष्टनाशनमं चैव त्रिषु लोकेषु विश्रुतम्।
गोपनीयं प्रयत्नेन महावन्ध्याप्रसूतिकृत॥

ओं संकटायै नमः

The above mantra should start from ओं संकटायै नमः ………………………… ओं संकटायै नमः

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Vishal Aksh

Thursday, June 14, 2018

"The Dharma" - written by Vishal Aksh

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"Knowledge Comes From Learning and Wisdom Comes From Living" - An Immature Statement Made By An Astrologer which I saw in Facebook News Feed on August 1, 2017

"Knowledge Comes From Tapa and Learning Comes From Practising" - A Valid Vedic (Puranic) Statement.

Several years before an intellectual told me when Knowledge is made transferable it becomes Vidya


[This Article written by me on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 02:07 (IST) was first published on the timeline of my Facebook on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 02:09 (IST). Follow link:https://www.facebook.com/vishal.aksh.7/posts/837178986459934 to view it there]

(1) it is very shocking that we all Hindus who once gave Dharma to this Globe do not understand it at present. For your awakening here are few points written in forthcoming paragraphs concerning the Dharma:

(2) The very meaning of Dharma indicates Satya, Vaishnava, Sanatana or Hindu.

(3) Shaivas, Vaishnava (in present form), Saura and Shakta are Sampradaya or somewhat school of thoughts and they are not meant for a common man as they are for experts only. The joining of various Sampraday and so called Sampraday by common men resulted in the formation of different societies and the ignorance of folks deviates the mankind from the concept of Vasudevkutumbakam (The entire earth is one family)

(4) Whereas Dharma unites the mankind.

(5) The Dharma has two major classifications 

(i) Lokik: It includes all the rituals connected from birth to death. It strengthens one’s moral and social characters on the basis of truth. 

(ii) Alokik: It includes all the Vedic spiritual practices such as Japa, Tapa and Yoga etc to attain Moksha and to make the roads for superior worlds after the finish of one’s role in this Mritu Loka (The earth)

(iii) It is highly essential to understand the Dharma and ignoring Sampraday.


[This article written by me on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 22:30 (IST) was first published on the timeline of my Facebook on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 22:39 (IST). Follow link:https://www.facebook.com/vishal.aksh.7/posts/850501581794341 to view it there] 

(1) Dharma gives you the way and spiritual insights to build your realistic image and impart you the position of trust provided you have seriously followed it. Sampredayavaad in modern times removes the inventive and godly thoughts from your mind and creates the figure of head of Sampradaay in your mind and with the passage of time that figure controls your mind and souls.

(2) The divine concept of Guru is followed in the learning period such as Sadhana, Education and like but Dharma never allows the entrance of Guru, Sadhu or similar person in your family and social life.

(3) Students of Jyotish know that Jupiter & Venus are two Guru and in female’s horoscope Jupiter signifies her husband and in male’s horoscope Venus signifies his wife. Out of Jupiter and Venus the Jupiter is the true Guru so the husband of a female is her true Guru and she does not require any Guru. In Shiva Purana it is written that without the permission of her husband a lady should not worship Shiva the Parmatma. In case of man his wife acts as his best guide and in confusing situations it is better for a man to take advice of his wife and this the second Guru Venus (Shukra) reflects.

(4) Nowadays the people have forgotten the real concept of Guru on account of this spreading Saampradayavaad. I am trying here to tell you the very concept of Guru as described in Dharma but before that keep in mind a common man with Dharmic and Karmic approaches leading a simple and meaningful family life is many times greater than a Sadhu, Mahent or head of Sampradaaya.

(5) A well qualified person who performs the Upnayan Sanskaar of his disciple and teaches his disciple about Rahasya (Yagya, Vidya & Upnishida), Kalpa and Vedas is known as Aacharya. You can see all the so called Aacharya do not have this qualification.

(6) A well qualified person teaches his disciple a part of Veda or Vedanga for his livelihood is known as Upadhyaya.

(7) A well qualified person under whose guidance all the Shodash Sanskaara are to be performed is called Guru

(8) A well qualified person who performs Agnishtom, Agnihotra and Pakyagyaadi Karma is known as Ritiwik.

(9) A well qualified person who is well versed in 18 purana, Ramayana, Vishnu Dharma (Dharma when viewed from Vishnu philosophy), Shiva Dharma (Dharma when viewed from Shiva philosophy), Mahabharata and Shroota and Smarta is known as Mahaguru. Merely the expertise in Bhagwata or Shiva Purana cannot make a person Mahaguru. A learned person heading any Sampradaya cannot be a Guru. The Guru is above all the Sampradaya. That Guru should be able to give Shaiv Mantra and Vaishnav mantra whichever fit on his disciple as per that Guru.

(10) In Veda there is a great Mantra:

ॐ अग्ने! व्रतपते! व्रतं चरिष्यामि, तच्छकेयं तन्मे राध्यताम्।
[Om Agne! Vratpate! Vratam Charishayami, Tachchekayaam Tanme Raadhytaam

Translation in English: “O Agini (Here Parmatma not simple Fire) you are the lord of all the Vrataas like Ahinsa, Satyaaacharan and following Dharma in a practical way in your divine presence I take the oath to follow the Dharma please bless me to do all such Vrataas and make me capable for them. Right from now I keep myself away from evil thinking, bad acts or any form of bad act by accepting divine thoughts, good conduct and living of a truthful life.”

(11) The Vedic Mantra clearly indicates that there is no difference between Dharma and Satya. As I have said in one of the article written by me that the Dharma is also known as Satya, Vaishneva, Sanatan or Hindu.

(12) Everyone should leave Sampradaayavaad and follow the Dharma to unite world and to save mankind.

Written by
Vishal Aksh

Monday, June 11, 2018

"Every Astrologer Should Note" - an article written by Vishal Aksh

Always Remember - 04

(1) I often say that an astrologer is known through the correctness of his predictions and his understanding of the pattern of Planets. Merely writing of big words and thereby presenting your intellectual understandings can make you a great author but not a simple astrologer.

(2) Always try to analyse any horoscope in a systematic manner with the definite grammar of Vedic Jyotish and when you read you analysis again you will get new insights from that analysis of horoscope you have done and share it at the time of you give prediction and after the fulfilment of that predictions. 

(i) Motivate your clients to share his views about your prediction 

(ii) While doing so one thing that you should always keep in your mind: "Never compel your client to appreciate you publicly if he does not want to do that irrespective of that you did that prediction professional or non professional basis"

(3) Always share the techniques developed by you to public sites 

(i) Always remember: "Knowledge increases when distributed"

(ii) Perhaps your findings once become the foundation of the advance technique developed by some other astrologer.

(4) Try to make your place in the heart of people instead of putting yourself on papers and this is the highest award: “An Astrologer Working At Hearts”

(5) When learners and researchers of Vedic Jyotish and other people give me honours then every time I receive one such award.

(6) On Monday, April 4, 2016 one such brilliant facebook student of mine from the western world dedicated all of his successful predictions to me as my Dakshina it made me feel great. I have never met that student except few video conversations on skype and I know him through email conversations.

Written on  by
Vishal Aksh


The aforesaid article written by me on 
Monday, April 4, 2016 at 17:37(IST) was published in my Facebook Public group on Monday, April 4, 2016 at 17:44 (IST). Follow link:https://www.facebook.com/groups/258744764307717/permalink/541196469395877/ to view it there.) 

Also Regard Saturn, Rahu & Ketu

Always Remember - 03

(1) Nowadays so called astrologers started abusing Saturn, Rahu and Ketu 

(i) They should not forget that the Kurma Avataara of lord Vishnu appeared from Saturn 

(ii) Varaha Avataara of lord Vishnu appeared from Rahu and 

(iii) Matsya Avataara from Ketu 

(2) Then how these three Planets can be the point of abuse?

(i) Abusing Saturn means you have no respect for the diginity of labour.

(ii) Abusing Rahu means you are abusing your grandfather

(iii) Abusing Ketu means you are abusing your maternal grand father.

Just think it seriously.....

Written by
Vishal Aksh


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Taking Of Long Term Decisions

Always Remember - 02

Person with retrograde Ascendant Lord or retrograde Chara Aatmkarka or retrograde Chara Aamatyakarka makes his own ways by going against the prevailing thoughts and ways. His long term decisions works without fail

Written by
Vishal Aksh

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The Parrot Knowledge

Always Remember...... (Part - 01)
Any astrologer even so called expert astrologer if found talking about

(i) The use of Navansh Chart

(ii) Vargottamansh based on Rashi & Navansh positions occupied by Planets
He does not have true knowledge of Vedic Jyotish except the Parrot Knowledge.

written by
Vishal Aksh

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"The Other Prospects Of Vedic Astrology" - an article written by Vishal Aksh

In ancient books on Vedic Jyotish it is written that when a person intending to know about his bhagya approaches to an astrologer then the auspicious and inauspicious Daiva (past karma) about that person approaching to an Astrologer appears in the heart of astrologer. So these things have several hidden factors and those should not be discussed openly and that is why in ancient books on Vedic Jyotish the astrologers are advised to do mantrajapa and other good practices to keep him of satvik mana or pure mind.

In prediction the role of natal horoscope is only about 40% there are many other factors and they should not be discussed openly but for the benefit of all I am writing few of them

(1) Lakshana are very much useful to check the ruling strength of influential planet e.g if a person approaches to an astrologer on Thursday wearing yellow cloths and that person is ignorant about astrology then it is a Lakshana and it indicates about the strength of Jupiter ruling on him at that moment for example if in his horoscope the dahsa of any planet and the antar of some planet but prytantar of Jupiter is going on or about to commence shortly then the position of Jupiter in his horoscope becomes significant and this is one use

(2) The Ank Kundli is of very much importance and many times it alone is sufficient to predict but very few astrologer know about the cast of this type of horoscope. In this process a puja is to be performed by astrologer and then a numeric figures are calculated by the power of mantrajapa of astrologer and then those numeric figure is tranformed into corresponding Lagna and that Lagna acts as equivalent Lagna of that person approached to astrologer to know about his future and the time at which that lagna rises on that day with actual degrees minutes and seconds is taken as the time of that person approached an astrologer and horoscope cast at that time acts as equivalent horoscope of the person approaching to an astrologer. 

In this process the Lagna comes out to be from the transformation of numbers into the corresponding degrees minutes seconds of equivalent lagna so it is highly accurate and the higher order divisional charts such as D45, D60 and D150 can be accurately cast and analysed. How to erect and analyse Ank Kundili that is my research.

(3) It is practically impossible to get the accurate time of any person and there are several process of rectifications are described in ancient books on Vedic Jyotish but all the processes have their own limitations and Swarodya methods of breath inhaling and exhaling are also useful

(4) There are other systems too and those can not be discussed openly. Reading of books on medical does not make one doctor similarly reading books on astrology never makes one astrologers. In modern books on Vedic Jyotish the writer never opens his methods and he writes his book in a puzzle format so that what he knows will not be understood by others. 

The ancient books on Vedic Jyotish are written in a coded form and this can be decoded by mantrajapa and leading a well disciplined and simple life by an astrologer.

Written by
Vishal Aksh 


(The aforesaid Article written by me was first published on July 3, 2014 at 21:57 (IST) in my Facebook Public Group. Follow link:https://www.facebook.com/groups/258744764307717/permalink/287534891428704/ to view it there.)