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Analysis Of The Horoscope Of Shailesh Bhatt By Vishal Aksh

(1)                     Today on Monday, November 3, 2014 for the benefit of learners & researchers of Vedic Jyotish I am going to analyze the horoscope of a gentleman Shailesh Bhatt who sent a post in my facebook public group on Sunday, November 2, 2014 containing his details required to cast horoscope and his query about the hurdles & obstructions appearing in the materialising of his marriage.

(2)                     The following is the picture of his post containing his birth details, query and his permission given to me to analyze & publish his horoscope on my facebook page & my blog in the comment section of his post:

(1)                     The following is the horoscope of Mr. Shailesh Bhatt:

(1)                     The following Mahadasha / Antardasha are found progressing in his horoscope in ‘dd:mm:yyyy’ format:

(4.1)         From 16/02/1992 to 16/02/2008: Mahadasha of Jupiter

(4.2)         From 11/08/2007 to 11/08/2023: Mahadasha of Jupiter from his Lagna Longitude.

(4.3)         From 06/09/2016 to 07/09/2026: Kaal Chakra Mahdasha of Jeeva rashi Dhanur ruled by Jupiter.

(4.4)         From 20/05/2018 to 26/12/2019: Kaal Chakra Antrardasha of Vrish rashi ruled by Venus in the Kaal Chakra Dasha of his jeeve rashi Dhanur rashi ruled by Jupiter.

(4.5)         From 10/02/2007 to 10/02/2026: Ashttotri Mahadasha of Jupiter

(4.6)         From 12/08/2010 to 12/08/2029: Ashttotri Mahadasha of Jupiter from his Lagna Longitude.

(4.7)         From 25/01/2016 to 05/10/2019: Ashttotri Antardasha of Venus in the Ashttotri Mahadasha of Jupiter from longitude of his Lagna.

(4.8)         From 22/03/2016 to 22/03/2025: Dwadashottri Mahadasha of Jupiter applicable in his case as a conditional dasha as his Navansh Lagna is Tula ruled by Venus.

(4.9)         From 16/02/2008 to 16/02/2027: Mahadasha of Saturn.

(2)                     The very first thing in his horoscope is to judge whether his marriage is promised or not as he is now 38 years old.

(3)                     In his horoscope the Lagna is Kanya, 7th house falls in Meen rashi and 7th lord Jupiter is placed in 8th house being lord of his D60 Meen occupying inauspicious Shyasthansh Kantaka (Obstructions & Hurdles) and in his Rashi Chart this Jupiter comes under the aspect of natural malefic Saturn. This Jupiter is in conjunction with Sun and Venus i.e. a planet signifying his marriage also conjunct Jupiter & Sun in 8th house under the aspect of natural malefic planet Saturn and this Venus is also a ruler of his Navansh Lagna Vrish & D45 Lagna Tula. So in his horoscope Badhaka 7th house, its lord Jupiter & Karka of his marriage Venus all are found badly afflicted in terms of his marriage and it is a highly malefic yoga as his marriage is concerned.

(4)                     From his Lunar sign or Chandra Lagna Tula the 7th house is occupied by Jupiter, Venus, Sun & Ketu and his 7th house comes under the aspect of Malefic but yogakarka planet Saturn and this gives some hope. 7th Lord from his Chandra Lagna is ruled by Mars but Mars is debilitated and it is in conjunction with natural malefic but yogakarka planet Saturn. Venus being Lord of his Chandra Lagna occupies 7th house from his natal Moon by occupying auspicious Shysthansh (1/60th) of Sudha and it is the natural karka of his marriage too. So from his Chandra Lagna or his Moon sign there is a possibility of his marriage.

(5)                     If comparing of what has been described under (7) & (8) is done it becomes clear that his horoscope reflects two currents flowing in opposite directions and whenever these types of situations occur in any horoscope then prevailing Mahadasha is the deciding factor. So various Mahadasha should be applied to those horoscopes to find the time of fructification of the events stored in those horoscopes.

(6)                     If aforesaid (4.1), (4.2), (4.5), (4.8), (4.3), (4.5) & (4.6) are considered then everyone can find that he is under the influence of Jupiter from 16/02/1992 to 12/08/2029. This indicates that from his 14 years of age to about his 53 years of age he is under the strong influence of Jupiter and as written under (6) that in his horoscope Jupiter opposes the metallization of his marriage.

(7)                     In his Navansh Chart the lagna is Vrish ruled by Venus and its lord Venus in conjunction with Jupiter and this conjunction receives aspect from another natural benefice planet Mercury. In his Navansh Chart his Chandra Lagna & Surya Lagna is Dhanur and its lord Jupiter is along with natural Karka of his marriage i.e. Venus and receives aspect from 7th lord from Chandra Lagna & Surya Lagna in his Navansh Chart i.e. Mercury and it is another good combination of his marriage and the Kaal Chakra Dasha of Dhanur rashi in his horoscope is from 06/09/2016 to 07/09/2026 and by that time in his horoscope Dwadashootri dasha of Jupiter will start from 22/03/2016 to 22/03/2025. At this very point this Dwadashottri dasha of Jupiter in his horoscope gets support from his Jeeva rashi Kaal Chakra Dasha of Dhanur rashi. It indicates his marriage is likely to occur at any time after 22/03/2016 if not occurred before.

(8)   Antardasha of Kaal Chakra Vrish rashi ruling his Navansh Lagna in the Kaal Chakra Dasha of Dhanur rashi will be from 20/05/2018 to 26/12/2019 & From 25/01/2016 to 05/10/2019  Ashttotri Antardasha of Venus in the Ashttotri Mahadasha of Jupiter from longitude of his Lagna. So his marriage will occur at anytime within a period starting from 25/01/2016 to 26/12/2019 if not occurred before.

(9)                     After considering each and every points minutely it becomes clear that his marriage if not occurred before will occur at any time within a period starting from 25/01/2016 to 26/12/2019 and a period starting from 12/05/2016 to 12/05/2017 may also prove significant and failing which a period starting from 12/05/2018 to 12/05/2019 will prove relevant in this context. At present period up to 12/05/2015 may also give him some hope.

Remedies: (1) he should recite Ashwath Strotra under a pipple tree daily to remove ill effects of the unkind placement of Jupiter in your horoscope for several years

(2) He should recite following Vedic Mantra 108 times daily from any coming Friday to two years:

ओं आगच्छत आगतस्य नाम गृह्णाम्यायतः ।
इन्द्रस्य वृत्रघ्नोवन्वे वासवस्य शतक्रतोः ॥१॥

येन सूर्या सावित्रीमश्विनौ वहतः पथा ।
तेनमाब्रवीद् भगो जायामावहतादिती ॥२॥

यस्तेंकशो वसुदानो बृहन्निन्द्र हिरण्यमयः ।
                        तेना जनीयते जायां मह्यं धेहि शचीपते ॥३॥  

With best wishes & regards
Vishal Aksh

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