Sunday, October 12, 2014

Who Will Be Doctor?

(1) It is also amazing but true!! You have perhaps read many articles where the horoscopes of several doctors have been dealt with and many reasoning were also given. But here I am giving two rules described in various ancient books on Vedic astrology:

(2) Rule 1: The lord of 2nd house in 7th house makes one Vaidys (Doctor)

(3) Rule 2*: The 10th from Moon is occupied by Malefic Planet / Planets receiving aspects of benefice Planet / Planets makes one Vaidya (Doctor). Rahu and Ketu should also be included as malefic planets in this yoga.

*Rule 2 also supports astrologers.

(4) In my researches in the field of Vedic astrology I have seen above mentioned rules working well in the horoscopes of (1) Surgeons, (2) Dental Surgeons, (3) Ayurvedic Doctors, (4) Homeopathic Doctors and other healers too.

(5) As per the research works conducted by me in the field of Vedic astrology I can say These rules should be applied in Chaturthansh Chart, Navansh Charts, Dashmansh Charts, Vinshansh Charts, Panchansh Charts, Chaturvinshansh Charts, Saptvinshansh Charts, Khevedansh Charts, Akshvedansh Charts & Shyasthansh Charts.

(6) The presence of these combinations in Vinshansh Chart gives one's spirituality working in his medical practices, in Saptvinshansh charts this combinations gives one instinct to cure, in Khavedansh Charts the presence of these combinations makes one doing welfare of others by his treatments and the presence of these combinations in Chaturvinshansh Chart gives one medical education. 

(7) Rule 1. described under (2) should also be applied in divisional charts described under (5) with reference to (1) Lagna of these divisional charts, (2) Chandra Lagna of these divisional charts & (3) Surya Lagna of these divisional charts to arrive at a concrete judgement and in main chart this rule should be judged with reference to Chandra Lagna. 

(8) If any planet / planets forming either one of the two yoga described in above mentioned two rules has reference of 6th house in one's horoscope or in divisional charts then the yoga gets strength.  

(9) The combination described under Rule 2. only holds good in with reference to Moon sign in main chart as well as in divisional charts described under point (5).  

Written by
Vishal Aksh