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Analysis Of The Horoscope Of Sunita Sharma By Vishal Aksh

(1)                  On Saturday, July 5, 2014 a post from Sunita Sharma was received on the timeline of my facebook in which she wanted to know about the astrological solutions for the repeated disturbances in her married life because of her life partner and following is that copy of her post.

(2)                     The following are her Rashi Chart , Navansh Chart & Chalit Chakra: 

(3)                     In Her horoscope following periods are found progressing:

(4)                     From 17/05/2009 to 17/05/2016: Main period of Mars.

(5)                     From 04/10/2004 to o4/10/2020: Kaal Chakra Mahadasha of Vrishrashi

(6)                     From 07/06/2007 to 07/06/2017: Ashttotri Mahadasha of Saturn

(7)                     From 21/12/2007 to 21/12/2019: Ashttotri Mahadasha of Rahu from her Lagna Longitude.

(8)                     Analysis Of her Horoscope: In her horoscope Venus is the lord of her D45 Lagna and in main chart it is the lord of her 7th house. It is totally combust and in her Chalit Chakra it comes to 2nd bhava along with malefic Sun and forms conjunction with natural benefice planet Mercury and this gives her some problems and tensions with her life partner throughout her life in one form or the other. The Kaala Chakra Dasha of Vrish rashi has been started in her horoscope from 04/10/2004 to o4/10/2020.

(9)                     In her Navansh Chart Saturn being her Lord of Navansh Lagna Makar is in 6th house along with 7th lord Moon and this indicates her differences with her life partner. In her Navansh Chart there is malefic exchange between 4th lord Mars & 8th lord Sun and this is malefic Dainey yoga in terms of her married life and it does not support her smooth married life. The 7th house in her Navansh Chart is further hammed in between two natural malefic planets Saturn & Mars further makes this combination malefic and another malefic planets Rahu aspect 7th house in her Navansh Chart and the Ashttotri Mahadasha of Rahu from her Lagna Longitude has been started in her horoscope from 21/12/2007 to 21/12/2019 and Malefic Mars Mahadasha from 17/05/2009 to 17/05/2016. These display negative effect in terms of her married life.

(10)                     Her Navansh Lagna is Makar and its lord Saturn occupies 6th house in debilitation in her main chart but in her Chalit Chakra it moves to 5th house and it adversely aspects her 7th bhava and 2nd bhava occupying 5th bhava in her Chalit Chakra. While aspecting 2nd Bhava of her horoscope Saturn took the conjunction of Sun, Venus & Mercury into his malefic grip and this gives her life partner an instinct to disturb her by disturbing her kids by not spending finances on them (5th bhava & 2nd bhava affected by Saturn in her horoscope and ultimately makes her sufferer). In Ashttotri Mahadasha of Saturn has been started in her horoscope from 07/06/2007 to 07/06/2017.

(11)                     So to make her family life better with satisfactory relationship with her life partner she will have to recite following Mantra with full devotion for 216 times daily throughout her life:

ॐ सर्वाबाधाविनिर्मुक्तो धनधान्यसुतान्वितः ।
मनुष्यो मत्प्रसादेन भविष्यति न संशयः ॐ ॥

And she should also recite following Mantra for 324 times daily throughout her life with full devotion:

ॐ शों शोकविनाशिनीभ्यां नमः  ।

With best wishes and regards
Vishal Aksh

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