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Role Of Dashmansh In Vedic Astrology Written By Vishal Aksh

Part (A)

More About Dashmansh
(This post written by me Published in my facebook group on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 and link for it is given below:

On Thursday, May 15, 2014 in one of my facebook group I replied on a group member’s post containing a question about how to use Dashmansh Chart. After some time, I made a separate article, More About Dashmansh based on the replies given by me about the use of Dashmansh Chart on that post. This article, More About Dashmansh written by me then posted to my group on Wednesday, July 2, 2014. Now for the benefit of all, entire article, More About Dashmansh written by me is also reproduced below:    

In Vedic astrology D10 chart is the most widely used chart after D9 chart. For the benefit of learner and researchers of Vedic astrology I am writing below some of its applications:

(1)     If any one looks at the construction of this D10 chart then he will find there are 10 dashmansh of 3 degrees each in one sign of 30 degrees

That means in entire zodiac there are:

12 × 10 = 120 dashmansh and this figure of 120 is in agreement with the number of years alloated to Vinshottri dasha and so it becomes very useful chart

(2)    In odd signs its counting starts from that sign itself and in even signs its counting starts from 9th sign from that sign

(3)     This D10 chart is used to judge the Mahatphala of any person and here Mahatphala is very important thing related to one's life. Nowadays it is career and profession and so it is used to judge career and professional prospects in one's horoscope.

(4)    Other very useful thing about this is that it indicates one's professional relationship with the person outside his family members

(5)     In natural state this Dashmansh chart gives the indications about one's career and professional prospects

(6)    In any horoscope under judgement find the lord of Dashmansh Lagna

(6.1) If this lord is found afflicted in Chalit Chakra then it gives tensions and rough atmosphere in one's profession

(6.2) If Dashmansh lagna lord is afflicted / combust in 6th, 8th or 12th bhava then one is likely to suffer from career setback

(6.3) This happens in the mahadasha of lord of Dashmansh lagna.

(7)     If Dashmansh lagna lord forms any Mahapurush yoga in one's horoscope then the Mahapurush yoga will operate in his life in terms of professional sphere mainly in the Mahadasha of lord of Dashmansh lagna

(8)     If Dashmansh lagna lord forms a Mahapurush yoga in main chart then in transit when Jupiter transits over Dashmansh lagna lord in main chart or 5th, 7th or 9th from it one may get promotions or professional success in that transit of Jupiter

(9)    If the D10 lagna lord is in 6th, 8th or 12th bhava in its own or Mool trikona sign then it will be vipreet rajyoga in terms of profession

(10)                   Calculate the dashmansh of Dasham Bhava Madhya and note that sign if that sign in one's D10 chart is occupied by its lord then in the Mahadasha of that planet one will get career betterment and professional success and this is very useful and this is my research.

(11) In my experience of about 25 years in the field of Vedic astrology I have found this chart effective in giving the indications about all prospects of one's life but for that more calculations will have to be performed to make this chart fit for predicting other events. Astrologers having experience and inner depth in the field of Vedic astrology can understand this.

Part (B)

How To Construct Dashmansh Chart?
(1)    This chart is very simple to construct and it can be prepared even mentally by viewing the longitudes of planets and lagna.   

(2)                        For the planets in odd signs the counting should be started by the sign itself and those occupying even sign the counting should be done from the 9th signs from the signs occupied by them.