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More About Upchaya Bhavas / houses

Before explaining the concept of Upchaya Bhava / Houses of Vedic Jyotisha it will be better to write something about Treshadaaya Bhavas / Houses and without the understanding of Treshadaaya concept properly it becomes difficult to understand Upchya Bhava / Houses in full measures.

(1)        In any horoscope 3rd, 6th & 11th bhavas / houses are known as treshadaaya

(1.1) Treshadaaya = Tre + Shad + aaya

in above equation,

Tre (Sanskrit word) = Three

Shad (Sanskrit word) = Six

and Aaya (Sanskrit word) = Income = 11th Bhava

(1.2) According to classical theory of Vedic Jyotisha malefic planets gives good results in these Bhavas either in main chart or in transit

(1.3) According to other reading:

(1.31) In 3rd, 6th & 11th bhava / houses benefice planet gives good results in childhood

(1.32) In 3rd, 6th & 11th bhavas / houses malefic planets give good results in advance age

(1.33) In my experience I have not seen Rahu giving good results while transiting 6th & 11th houses from Lagna & Chandra Lagna and this is very important. 

(1.331) Natural malefic & Tamsik Planets Mars & Saturn give good results while transiting 3rd, 6th or 11th houses from Chandra Lagna or Moon sign.

(1.34) Once again in above equation (1.1)

Tre = 3rd Bhava / house = courage

Shad = Obstacles & Hurdles

Aaya = Gains

So no gains without pains is the presentation of Treshadaaya whether it occurs on Physical plane, Mental Plane or Spiritual Plane 

(1.35) While earning money or getting materialistic success one has to face a lot of hurdles represented by 6th house and then he displays courage represented by 3rd house to overcome that and finally he gets Gains represented by 11th house and same thing applies to Mental & Spiritual Planes.

(2)       When 10th house or Karma is added to Treshadaaya then this group of Bhavas  / Houses becomes Upchaya Bhavas / Houses

(2.11) So Upchaya Bhavas / houses = Treshadaaya + 10th Bhava / House

(2.111) So gains always comes through pains and several times affect the human being adversely and that is why great rishi Prashara in his Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra described 3rd, 6th & 11th Bhava / Houses as inauspicious houses. But when Karmic approach represented by 10th Bhava / house is introduced then the evil nature if Treshadaaya is brought under control and then this group of Bhavas / Houses in any horoscope becomes Upchaya group of Bhavas or Houses or simply Upchaya Bhavas / Houses.

(2.12) Natural Malefic but Satvik Planet Sun gives good results in Upchaya Bhavas / houses in main horoscope and in transit through Lagna as well as from Chandra Lagna or Moon sign.

(2.13) Natural malefic & Tamsik Planet Mars gives good results while transiting these Upchaya Bhavas / Houses from Lagna or Surya Lagna (Vedic Sun Sign different from Sun Sign)

(2.14) Natural Malefic & Tamsik Planet Saturn gives good results while transiting through Upchaya Bhava / Houses from Lagna.

(2.15) Natural benefice planet Moon gives good results when it transits Upchaya houses from Chandra Lagna or Moon Sign and it is only benefice planet to give benefice results in transiting Upchaya houses from Chandra Lagna or Moon sign.

(3)        In famous text on Vedic Jyotisha, Phaladeepika it is stated that when all the natural benefice planets such as Moon, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus occupy Upchaya houses from Lagna or Moon the resulting Yoga is Vasumati yoga and the person born under this yoga is supposed to live in his own house with plenty of wealth.

(3.1) In Vedic Jyotisha there are only four natural benefice planets out of nine planets so practically this Vasumati yoga cannot be formed from Chandra Lagna so it is possible from Lagna only.

(3.11) This Vasumati yoga is not given in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra

(3.12) It is a rare yoga because natural benefice planets Mercury & Venus cannot occupy 3rd and 6th house from Lagna with Mercury in 3rd house and Venus in 6th house or Venus in 3rd house & Mercury in 6th house and the only possibility is Mercury occupying 10th house and Venus occupying 11th house or Venus occupying 10th house and Mercury occupying 11th house to complete the necessary half requirement of this Vasumati yoga.

(3.123) The remaining two natural benefice planets Moon and Jupiter can occupy 3rd & 6th house with Moon in 3rd house or Jupiter in 6th house or Moon in 6th house & Jupiter in 3rd house. This mutual disposition of Moon & Jupiter forms powerful Gajkeshri yoga in an adverse house for these planets as in 3rd house Jupiter is supposed to give adverse results & in 6th house Moon is also supposed to give adverse results and so it appears as if this disposition of these two natural benefice planets in their adverse house is balanced by 1. The formation of Gajkeshri yoga by their mutual disposition & the presence of Mercury in 10th or 11th house and Venus in 11th or 10th house further enhance the strength of two natural benefice planets Moon and Jupiter.

(3.13) The formation of Vasumati yoga is possible in Divisional Charts with every possibilities as in Divisional Charts Mrcury and Jupiter may have a difference of 6 signs.

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Vishal Aksh