Monday, October 6, 2014

More About Vargottamansh In Indian Astrology

When in any horoscope a planet occupies same sign in rashi chart as well as in navmansh chart then the planet is said to be in Vargottam Navmansh or simply Vargottamansh. For example any planet in Kark rashi and in Kark navmansh is said to be in vargottamansh.

The vargottam planet should not be in its debilitation sign. The vargottam planet becomes powerful to give good results. It is auspicious to be vargottam lagna in any person’s horoscope. Vargottam planet is supposed to give the same effect as if it were in its own sign.

In my long experience in the field of astrology I have found that the concept of vargottamansh needs expansion. Let me clear it with an example. Suppose a planet is in kark rashi, in kark siddhansh & in the vinshansh of mesh. Here in this case vinshansh & siddhansh charts give the effects of 5th bhava in the horoscope i.e. vinshansh for spirituality and siddhansh for education. In this condition the planet will give the effect of education more effectively (as this planet is in kark rashi & in kark siddhansh) than spirituality (as the planet is in the vinshansh of mesh). Thus a planet occupying same sign in rashi as well as in any divisional chart may also be termed as vargottamansh. Here in this case the supposed planet is in vargottam siddhansh.

Similarly a planet may be in vargottam Drashkan, vargottam chaturthansh, vargottam Saptansh, vargottam dashmansh & so on.

Another interesting thing I have found in my experience in the field of astrology that any planet occupying same bhava in chalit chakra as well as in any divisional chart is as effective as in vargottamansh and the planet is said to be in vargottam bhava. For example suppose any planet in 5th bhava in chalit chakra, 6th house in siddhansh and 5th house in vinshansh then this planet will give 5th house indications such as the results about education and spirituality in different manner. Here in this supposed case planet in 5th bhava in chalit chakra & 6th house in siddhansh will give set back in academic matter whereas planet in 5th bhava in chalit chakra and 5th house in vinshansh will give spiritual attainments because here the planet is in vargottam bhava.

So for perfect analysis of horoscope it will be wise to consider planets in vargottamansh as mentioned above and vargottam bhava.

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Vishal Aksh