Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Do Natural Benefice Planets Owning Kendras Turn Malefic?

(1)    It is very important question as it is very simple to ask but difficult to answer. This question has been asked to me by several astrologers time to time.

(2)                        As I always use to say that the rules of Vedic astrology depend on either common sense or the knowledge of Vedic texts. So every rule of Vedic astrology is based on logic and there is no doubt in it.

(3)    Before describing why natural benefice planets owning kendras turn malefic, it will be better to understand why the term natural benefice or natural malefic is allotted to specific planets and this is useful to understand the Vedic astrology in depth.

(4)                        Vedic astrology recommends only nine planets, (1) Sun, (2) Moon, (3) Mars, (4) Mercury, (5) Jupiter, (6) Venus, (7) Saturn, (8) Rahu & (9) Ketu. Learners will find it hard to grasp that why Sun, Moon, Rahu & Ketu are termed as planets. Sun is a star, Moon a satellite of earth, Rahu is north node of Moon & Ketu is south node of Moon. Let it be cleared in mind that this categorization of planets allotting Sun as star, Moon as satellite etc are modern view of the present science and it has nothing to do with the classification of planets on the basis of Vedic astrology and they are classified in this way many centuries before by great Vedic rishi of India. Rahu the north node of Moon & Ketu the south node of Moon were known to those great Vedic rishi and that is why they termed them as shadow planets. So these nine planets are accepted in Vedic astrology.

(5)                        If common sense is used that anyone can define the term benefice or malefic such as anything appearing beautiful, gives feeling of joy or making one relaxed is a natural benefice thing  and on the other hand anything looking ugly, giving feeling of fear or making one uneasy is a natural malefic thing. In terms of planets Moon appears beautiful and gives a feeling of being relaxed is termed as natural benefice planet in Vedic astrology, Venus also appear beautiful and attracts everyone so it is also termed as natural benefice planet. In Vedic texts Mercury (Budh) is said to be son of Moon so it inherited its benefice qualities from Moon and that is why it is also termed as natural benefice in Vedic astrology and in Vedic texts Jupiter (Guru) is said to be the teacher, professor and spiritual guide who purifies the aatma (soul) and brings one from tamsik darkness to satvik light so it is also considered as a natural benefice planets. On the other hand it is dangerous to see the Sun with naked eyes, it gives a makes the temperature very hot which is very difficult to face so that is why Sun also considered as a natural malefic planets but it give light and directions so apart of being malefic planet it is not cruel planet. Mars appears red the colour of blood and it gives fear of war so it is also said as natural malefic planet and of cruel nature in Vedic astrology. In Vedic texts Saturn is described as of black colour and it gives fear of extreme darkness leading to feel insecure and without light it becomes impossible to see so Saturn is also described as natural malefic planet of cruel temperament. So based at common sense the natural benefice and natural malefic planets are described in Vedic astrology. Rahu & Ketu cause eclipse so create darkness so they are also treated natural malefic planets in Vedic astrology.

(6)    If common sense is used further then everyone will find that it feels good to eat every time but it does not result in good health, any person looking good may be evil by heart or an ugly looking person may be of kind heart. Flash eater lions protect the jungle and grass eater elephants destroy the jungle. So we find certain good looking things gives adverse results and certain bad looking things give good results. This holds well in case of planets too e.g. for Tula lagna the greatest natural benefice Jupiter becomes greatest malefic and greatest natural malefic Saturn becomes greatest benefice.

(7)    It becomes clear from whatever has been described under (5) about the logic behind taking Moon, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter as natural benefice planets and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu as natural malefic planets.

(8)    In Vedic astrology parmatma Vishnu is said to be the ruler of four Kedras ( Angular Houses 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th houses) and bgahvati Lakshmi is the ruler of trikonas (Triangular houses or trines: 1st, 5th & 9th houses). So in the Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh, parmatma Vishnu is the divine preserver so the Kendra bhava of horoscope coming under his rule also indicate the responsible position.  Here again common sense is used to find the planet suitable for such responsible position. Starting with Sun, it is natural malefic but it is a King of all the planets so he can hold the responsibility to own kendras, Moon is a natural benefice planet is also a King but it of wavering mind and it acts as a king maker for other but in itself it is not capable to hold the positions of strong Kendras, Mars represents Kartkey the commander of the army of Devtas and it knows how to obey commend or give command so it is best planet to own the responsibility of Kendras, Mercury indicates a prince of teen age and a prince cannot be able to hold the responsibilities of Kendra, Jupiter & Venus are supposed to be rishi and tapsvi in Vedic texts and tapsvis cannot hold the position of responsibilities so Jupiter & Venus apart of being benefice planets are not capable of holding the position of owning Kendras and Saturn is servant and it is able to hold the responsibilities of owning Kendra as it is the servant who better knows his responsibilities so Saturn apart of being natural malefic planet can hold the responsibilities of owning Kendras and Rahu & Ketu have no ruler ship over any sign in Vedic astrology so they can not be the owner of any house.

(9)    It becomes from what has been discussed under (8) that 1. Natural malefic planets owning Kendra houses become benefice and 2. Natural benefice planets owning Kendra houses become malefic.     

(10) But every planet irrespective of being natural benefice or natural malefic become benefice if it owns the 1st house or Lagna as 1st house also comes under trikona or triangular houses and lord of any trine houses is always benefice.

(11) For Mesh, Makar & Tula Lagnas natural benefice Moon becomes the lord of Kendra and it does not give good results for these Lagnas provided it is not involved in any rajyoga and this defect of owning Kendra is least in the Moon.

(12) For Dhanu and Meen Lagnas this natural benefice Mercury becomes the owner of Kendras and becomes malefic but it displays its evil nature more as compared to what natural benefice planet Moon displays for Mesh, Makar & Tula Lagnas.

(13) For Mithun & Kanya Lagnas natural benefice planet Jupiter owns Kndras so it gives evil results to these Lagnas.

(14) For Kark & Mesh Lagna natural benefice planet Venus owns the Kendra house and for these Lagnas so Venus becomes the most malefic planet for these Lagnas.  

(15) Any natural benefic planet owning Kendra if becomes the lord of any trikona house then that natural benefice planet becomes yogakarka or extremely benefice planet in case of Makar & Kumbh Lagnas natural benefice planets Venus owns a Kendra house as well as a trikona house so for these Lagnas only Venus becomes the best benefice planets in addition of being the ruler of Kendras as a natural benefice.

(16) In this article I have tried my best to explain the logic behind this statement that benefice planets owning Kendras become mlefic.

Written by

Vishal Aksh