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Hora Chart

In classical Vedic astrology this hora chart finds 2nd place just after rashi chart in षोङषवर्ग (Shodashvarga) scheme. It is the division of a राशी (Rashi =Sign) of 30o into two equal parts of 15deg. each. So a राशी (Rashi =Sign) consists of 2 horas of 15deg. each. Thus in 12 राशी (Rashi =Signs) the total number of horas will be 12*2 = 24 horas. In Indian astrology a day consists of 24 horas perhaps that is why, division in 24 parts of a zodiac of 360deg. is known as hora chart in Indian astrology. 

This chart is very easy to construct. It may be constructed mentally. All the राशी (Rashi =Sign)are divided into two groups:

(1) Odd number group:  मेष (Mesha = Aries), मिथुन (Mithuna = Gemini), सिंह (Simha = Leo), तुला (Tula = Libra), धनु (Dhanu = Sagittarius) & कुंभ (Kumbh = Aquarius) come under this group.
(2) Even number group: वृष (Vrish = Taurus), कर्क (Karka =Cancer), कन्या (Kanya = Virgo), वृश्चिक (Vrischika = Scorpio), मकर (Makar = Capricorn) & मीन (Meena =Pisces) come under this group.

So first 15deg. of the राशी(Rashi =Sign) come under Odd number group is ruled by Sun & next 15deg. is ruled by Moon. Planets occupying first 15deg. in odd राशी(Rashi =Sign) come under solar hora and planets occupying 15deg. to 30deg. of odd राशी (Rashi =Sign) come under lunar hora.

The first 15deg. of the राशी come under Even number group is ruled by Moon & next 15deg. is ruled by Sun. The planets occupying first 15deg. of even राशी(Rashi =Sign)  come under lunar hora and planets occupying 15deg. to 30deg. of even राशी  (Rashi =Sign) come under solar hora.

Planets in solar horas are said to occupy सिंह राशी (Leo) in hora chakra and those occupying lunar horas are said to occupy कर्क राशी (Cancer) in hora chakra. Furthermore in hora chakra the solar hora is ruled by देवता (Devata) and lunar hora by पितर (Piter).

The prospect of wealth is judged from this chart. The immovable property such as land & building and movable property such as gold, silver & currency are to be judged from this hora chakra.        

Apart of being its simplicity to construct this hora chakra has never been used for predictive purposes. Not a single astrologer made use of this chart for predictions.

This hora chakra is also put to use to judge one’s actions synchronizing with his thinking. This is very interesting. In this world we see the dualism. A coin has two faces, a person either speaks truth or false, a cup may be filled or empty, a cup of tea may be hot or cooled, on a particular moment there may be day or night and the actions of a person according to his instinct may be practical or theoretical.

Person with practical approach instinct do important deeds, they earn wealth by the dint of hard work and become wealthy. Their practical approach makes them dominating. They display energy that is why they have bright appearance. They are hard workers and understand the dignity of labor.   
In astrology all malefic planets such as Sun, Mars & Saturn denote hard work and when in any horoscope these planets are found occupying solar hora in odd signs then that person is of very practical approach, does important deeds, energetic, very much powerful, earns wealth by the dint of his hard work and he gets fame too.

Person with theoretical approach works on mental plane. They want live in comfort, they possess good qualities, their speech is very sweet that is why, they are liked by all and they are very creative and well understand the emotions of others.
In astrology benefic planets such as Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Venus denote working on mental plane and creativity. Such benefic planets when occupy lunar hora in even sign make that person very intelligent, intended to live in comforts, gentle, of sweet speech and polite in behavior. Because of this he is liked by all.

This hora chakra is also used to judge whether the person will live in his own country or abroad:
If in rashi chart the solar hora comes under the aspect of benefic planets the person will live in his own country generally.
If in rashi chart the lunar hora comes under the aspects of benefic planets then the person will live abroad and there he will be prosperous.
If the referred to above do not come under the benefic aspect of planets then the above results will never apply.

For the judgment of the wealth of a person from this hora chakra the following rules are given in Indian astrology:
If lord of hora occupies any quadrant in rashi chart and comes under the benefic aspects of planets the person gets pearls etc and will possess gold.
If in such position lord of hora in rashi chart comes under the aspects of malefic planets then the person has iron, asses & buffalos.

There is another use of this hora chakra. It is also used to judge the effect of aspects falling on Moon:
If in any horoscope Moon receives aspect of a planet then the effect of the aspect will be benefic if the aspecting planet occupies the same hora as occupied by Moon in hora chakra.

This hora chakra has extensive field of research and it should be used for predictions.

Written by
Vishal Aksh

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