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More About Ekadashansh

Perhaps the learners of Vedic astrology do not aware of this chart and this chart does not exist in the shodashvarga scheme. The reference of this chart is found in Tajik Neelkanthi  i.e. a text based on vedic astrology. Years before in an astrological magazine I read that this chart is used to judge the financial prospects of any person. Since then I started using this chart and found this chart very amazing in giving the clear picture about the financial prospects of any person. Similarly any combination of poverty in this chart makes one to suffer from huge financial crises.

Any Dhana yoga if present in this chart becomes powerful. This chart also gives clear idea about sudden gains and gains with no pains. The following points should be noted while predicting through this chart.

(1)    Exchange between 2nd & 11th lord in this D11 chart forms a powerful Dhana yoga and if D11 lagna lord is also in either of these houses than this Dhana yoga becomes more powerful.

(2)     Lord of lagna, 2nd or 11th if present in the 6th house of D11 chart indicates the huge debts or debts taken by person concerned and sufferings on this account.

(3)    If there is exchange between 2nd lord and 6th lord in D11 chart than in the dasha / antardasha of 2nd lord or planets associated with it there will be huge mental stress due to non payments of loans and in the dasha / antardasha of 6th lord or planets associated with 6th lord there is incoming of finances through taking loans. So care should be taken while taking loans if in anyone’s horoscope such yoga is present.

(4)    Beneficially disposed planets in 8th house of this D11 chart motivates one to take loans and also give one to pay back all his debts.

(5)    In this D11 chart 2nd lord in 8th house sometimes gives hidden wealth or sudden gains.

(6)    Exchange between 2nd and 8th lords in this D11 chart gives one sudden gains through gifts etc but on the other hand motivates one to take loans.

(7)    Exchange between 3rd and 5th lords in D11 charts gives wealth in the form of gifts on account of one’s skills.

(8)    Planets in 12th house in D11 charts indicate expenditures and wasteful expenditures.

(9)    Exchange between 2nd and 4th lord also indicate gain of money on account of selling assets or ornaments provided lord of D11 lagna is in 2nd but if in 4th house it indicate placing of money in some place in the house but not in bank.

The above rules are based on my years of experience in the field of Vedic astrology and I write them for the benefits of learners and researchers of Vedic astrology. It is the very simple way to use D11 chart.

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Part (02)

Actually there are two types of D11 charts: 

(1) In one you will find Rahu & Ketu in the state of conjunction

(2) In second form of D11 chart the Rahu & Ketu always oppose each other and this type of chart is given in Tajik Neelkanthi a Vedic astrological text on Varshphal. So this type of D11 chart is only used to judge one's financial attainments.  

It is not given in any ancient book on Vedic astrology about the use of D11 chart and not in Tajik Neelkanthi too. 

If the planets forming rina yoga in D11 charts as described by me in that post are found vakri then huge debts taken by any person in such  conditions of planets will make the overall atmosphere of that person very tough and he will suffer on account of taking those huge loans and one situation may like this he will have money to repay but he will not be able to pay back his loans and many similar conditions.

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Part (3)

How To Construct Ekadashansh Chart ?

I wrote a post "More About Ekadashansh" on the timeline of my facebook on 07/02/2014 and since than many people started asking me about the construction of Ekadashansh Chart and after that I wrote the second part of it i.e. "More About Ekadashansh (Part: 02)" but the way it is constructed was not written.

Today I am giving all of you the method of the constructing Ekadashansh Chart. A simple way is given  in a tabular form to construct this chart below for the benefit of all:

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