Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wonders Of Ashtakavarga

(1)    In year 1991, I was on the way of understanding Vedic astrology by self efforts but any how I was able to cast any horoscope with Rashi Chart, Chalit Chakra, Shodashvarga, Shadabala, Ashtakavarga, Annual horoscopes, Horary horoscope & Vinshottri dasha along with yogini dasha. At that time it took a fortnight to cast such detailed horoscope but I used to cast and predict. Some of my predictions given to various people & friends came into being in that year and that gave me enough confidence to understand Vedic Jyotisha. Here I would like to advice to every learner of Vedic astrology that he should try to construct horoscope with his own efforts by keeping him away from computerized horoscopes unless he gets enough confidence to cast any horoscope and it will help him to understand the predictive side of Vedic astrology.

(2)    At that time Sade Sati was supposed to be a curse in Vedic astrology and in several magazines based on Vedic astrology I used to read the various views about it by different astrologers & authors. According Dr. B. V. Raman the consideration of Sade Sati should be from Moon sign or Chander Lagna and I found it working in several cases. Some authors were of the views that the consideration of Sade Sati should be from Ascendant or Lagna but I found that in most of the cases the transit of Saturn through Lagna found to give auspicious results and proved milestone so this idea never convinced me. Some Vedic Sun sign readers were of the opinion that this Sade Sati should be considered from Vedic Sun sign or Surya Lagna and in several cases I saw it working specially when Saturn transited Surya Lagna but there were several exceptions too and then I found people doing mantra japa regularly got glorious results during that transit of Saturn through Surya Lagna. So at that time I concluded that Sade Sati should be considered from Moon sign or Chandera Lagna. The cycle of Moon displays its phases and affects the human beings at their various phases of life so Sade Sati should always be considered from Moon sign or Chander Lagna and thus I understood the working of Sade Sati in this way.

(3)    But soon I saw exception of working of Sade Sati in that year 1991 in some cases too and this led me to conclude that the basis of Sade Sati is transit and it would be better to understand the true concept about transit or Gochara. Then I started paying more attention to transit and many times it looked easy and many times it became tough to understand it properly.

(4)    It gave me surprised in year 1991 when I saw that in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra & Brihit Jataka this scheme of transit was not mentioned and I found this technique of Vedic transit well described in Phaladeepika. In Phaladeepika the auspicious results of transits of planets are described as given below in the Table:

((7) At that time I often used to think about the basis of transit given in Phaladeepika and why this type of popular transit scheme did not find place in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra & Brihit Jataka?

(8)    But the transit of Rahu as given in Phaladeepike appeared somewhat confusing as I found Rahu transiting 11th from Moon sign giving adverse results in some cases whereas in Phaladeepika it is said to give good results, in some cases I found Rahu transiting 6th giving adverse results but in Phaladeepika it is given good results, I have also found Rahu transiting Moon sign in some cases giving brilliant results and fulfilling one’s aspirations but in Phaladeepika this transit of Rahu is said to be an adverse transit. So 6th & 11th house transit of Rahu as described in Phaladeepika as good but it was found giving adverse results in several cases in my experience. I knew that in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra, rishi Parashara had given 18 reformers of Jyotisha but he did not give any references of Manteshwara the author of Phaladeepika in his predictions and the references of Varahamihera the author of Brihitjataka was given in Bhavishya Purana i.e. one of the 18 Purana but the reference of Manteshwara was not given there so that mean Manteswara was no doubt expert astrologer but not of the level of Parashara and Varahamehira so the transit of Rahu given by him needed some corrections. This further enhanced my curiosity and then it became necessary for me 1. To find the basis of the transit given in Phaladeepika as shown in above Table, 2. To find the Lagna out of Lagna, Chandera Lagna or Surya Lagna suitable for the consideration of Sade Sati from that base used in Phaladeepika to describe transits of planets.

(9)    In his great work Phaladeeepika, Manteshwara praised rishi Parashara and his works and that clearly meant that Manteshwara developed this system of transit of planets from the works of Parashara i.e Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra. I was very much sure that the basis of transit as given in Phaladeepika must have its roots in Brihit Parashara Hora Shaastra.

(10)    In year 1992 or so a thought appeared in my mind that It is Ashtakavargs which is much praised in various texts on Vedic Jyotisha and it is also used in Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra to judge the transit results of Planets &  also described in Brihit Jataka and I should relate transit scheme given in Phaladeepika with Ashtakavarga scheme as given in Brihit Parashar Hora Shaastra.

(11)     I then took Ashtakavarga of Various planets and tabulated them and when these tables of various Ashtakavargas of planets were prepared and I glanced at those tables then I saw in the Ashtakavargs of every Planet the contributions of auspicious points from Moon to various houses counting from it and I got the missing link. The following tables are used to construct the Ashtakavarga of any horoscope.


a(13)     I saw the horizontal line headed by Moon in every Ashtaka Varga table of planets were same and in agreement with the auspicious Gochar places of Planets from any Lunar sign or Chandera Lagna and that showed the root of Gochar places allotted to various planets from Lunar sign in Brihit Prashar Hora Shaastra and thus I found the basis of transit of Planets from Lunar sign or Chandra Lagna.

(14)    Everyone can see the red horizontal lines each & every Ashtakavarga headed by Moon and compare it with the various auspicious places of Planets from the Chandera Lagna of any horoscope given in the Table of Transit.

(15)     In Brihit Prashara Hora Shaastra the Ashtakavarga of Rahu is not given so in Phaladeepika the Gochar places of Rahu is not well marked. The Ashtaka Varga of Rahu is also given in some other standard text on on Vedic Jyotisha and for the benefit of all the learners & researchers of Vedic astrology I am giving below the table useful to prepare the Ashtaka Varga of Rahu. Here it should be noted that Rahu is a shadowy planet so it never contribute any auspicious points in its Ashtaka Varga too and only seven planets & Lagna contributes auspicious points in the Ashtaka Varga of Rahu.

(16)    In this table the auspicious points contributed by Moon are 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th from Moon and if the Rahu is supposed to give auspicious results then it must transit 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th places from Moon to give good results. Learners & Researches of Vedic astrology should note this transit does not support 6th & 11th places from Lunar sign or Chandra Lagna as benefice place for Rahu in Transit from any Lunar Sign or Chandra Lagna and it is in agreement with my findings about the transit of Rahu from any Lunar sign or Chandra Lagna as described by me under (8).

(17)     The above Ashtaka Varga Scheme indicates other wonderful results. Collect all the darkblue rows of Sun in every Bhinnashtakvargs and arrange them in new table. A table so prepared becomes the Table of Transit of Planets From Surya Lagna. The following is that table:

(18)    Almost all astrologers in this world opine that in Vedic Jyotish the Transits are considered from Moon sign but here it is proved that in Vedic Jyotish the directions have been given to calculate the transit from Sun sign or Surya Lagna too. Learners and researchers please consider it.

(19)    The Table Of Transit of Planet from Surya Lagna indicates another fact that Saturn transiting 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 10th & 11th from ones natal Sun gives auspicious results. This means Saturn transiting from 1st and 12th from one’s natal Sun give good and auspicious results and this means it is not good to consider Saade saati from Sun sign or Surya Lagna. Though Saturn Transiting over one’s natal Sun in actual practice give hurdles and tensions but Sun being the planet signifying Aatma so here spiritual remedies works to obtain the auspicious results of the Saturn transiting one’s natal Sun.

Written by
Vishal Aksh