Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Regarding Predictions

(1) Certain astrologers are of the opinion that one of the cause to the failure of predictions by any astrologer are:

(1.1) The strong remedial measures recommended by a different astrologer already performed by the client approaching him and

(1.2) When astrologer predicts in Ashudh Avastha.

(2) For the benefit of learners and researchers I am explaining the aforesaid points (1.1) & (1.2) below:

(2.1) Whatever is mentioned above under point (1.1) needs further explanation and it can be divided into two parts

(2.2) Remedies performed by a common person and

(2.2) Upasaana performed by a Sadhaka.

(2.3) In first case as written under (2.2) Horary Horoscope are useful for an astrologer to check the success of remedies recommended by different astrologer performed by the client approached him for example if astrologer finds that in the horoscope of his client approaching him first time Mercury is weak and adverse but in client's Khavedansh (D40) & Vinshansh (D20) Charts this Mercury is well disposed and comes under the aspect of Jupiter or Lord of 9th of respective divisional charts and in Horary horoscope that Mercury is found to be well disposed in terms of the main query of his client then this is an indication that that client has performed remedial measure recommended by other astrologer or a Guru and here Parmatma has given chance to that astrologer to predict about the client approaching him.

(2.4) In second case as written under (2.2) if any astrologer predicts about a Sadhaka performing upsana and without the permission of that Sadhaka then that astrologer is insulting his knowledge of Jyotisha or Astrology. In most of the cases his predictions will go wrong unless and until astrologer has more spiritual powers than that Sadhaka.

(2.5) In Sadhaanas or Upsaanas selfless approach works and the approach of Jyotish is useful to the people earning by their vritees (professions). This is very important to understand

(3) The another interesting point of this post written under (1.2) is the Ashudh Avastha and it also needs further clarification. As per Ayurveda there are three stages of Mana (Mind?) (1) Satvik (2) Rajsika and (3) Tamsika and when astrologer's mana is under tamsika influences then even though astrologer has bathed well and also performed yogic Shatkarma to pure himself the predictions made by him will not fructify because of the impurity of his mana (mind). The greatest Ashudh Avastha is only the Tamsik Mana or Impure Mind.

(3.1) If  any astrologer is running under the phase of Dhyya or Saade Saati then under such circumstances his mind representing by Moon comes under the Saturn’s Tamsik nature and with this Ashuddha Mana the predictions made by him become fruitless if he intends to do this to popularize himself. 

(4) Most of the time clients due to their greed of saving money force the astrologer to analyze their horoscopes free of cost and that astrologer predicts under compulsion and tries to stop those clients going to next door under such condition too astrologer is insulting his knowledge and thus predictions made by him will not fructify. An astrologer with Dharmic, Karmic & Spiritual approaches never comes under any compulsions

(5) There is a hidden agency which always resists the predictive abilities of an astrologer and that is Maya so no one in this world including Saadhaka too can predict even important events correctly due to the influence of that Maya. Some events easily estimated by common sense cannot be predicted by astrologer, some unexpected events are predicted by astrologer correctly and many times when astrologer tries to mix his predictive abilities with common sense even though he is not able to predict correctly all due to the influence of Maya.

(6) If you find in any astrologer's Vinshansh Chart (D20) the placement of Jupiter in 6th house then that astrologer will have to perform saadhanas and tapa to make himself fit for giving predictions because in this case he has to oppose his 6 inner enemies (1) Kaama, (2) Krodha, (3) Lobha, (4) Moha, (5) Mada & (6) Maya to make him fit for predicting the events.

Written on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 13:09 (IST) by 
Vishal Aksh

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